Why work with us?

We have a team of highly technical and experienced developers who are able to provide solutions for your business needs.

We have a reduced number of customers, we focus on each one. We understand the need of constant and effective communication

The best devs in our team

We value T-shaped developers: Each of our team members is a generalist and at the same time highly skilled at one particular thing

Federico Carrone

A happy member of The Erlang, ML and Lisp Evangelism Strikeforce. Network protocol RFC fanatic.

Iñaki Garay

A code monk who enjoys implementation nirvana, the perfection of code wisdom, the proper balance and management of process and state, Erlang, Elixir and any other mental trails off the beaten path.

Facundo Olano

Things I like: elegant code and clean APIs; the Unix philosophy and the Zen of Python; pragmatic functional programming; semicolon-separated lists.

Manuel Olmos

An iOS developer with exceptional soft skills that jumped into the backend side of the world thanks to Erlang.

Juan Bono

Functional programmer and lifelong learner. He loves to learn and apply things from PLT to Distributed Systems.

Amin Arria

Linux and open source enthusiast. Has a secret love for functional languages and distributed systems, a perfect match for Erlang.

Javier Rando

Historian specialized in Economic History. I provide the data for the devs and data scientists, like the peasants did under feudalism with their grains to the lord's mill.