Lambda is a deep tech venture studio and investment firm with expertise in a variety of industries, including gaming, machine learning, cryptography, database design, distributed systems, programming languages, compiler development, high-frequency trading, real-time bidding, embedded devices, aerospace, and biotech.

We work in the intersection of research and engineering.

Founded in 2014 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Lambda has expanded its presence to include offices in Montevideo (Uruguay), Madrid and Barcelona (Spain), and Paris (France). We are dedicated to achieving excellence and delivering projects quickly.


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What we do

Empowering Engineering Excellence
In the rapidly changing world of technology, Lambda is committed to empowering engineers to solve complex challenges with a passion for progress. Our mission is rooted in the belief that ingenious solutions should be pursued over economic or symbolic gains.

Our values:


Is Lambda a dev shop?
Lambda is neither a dev shop nor a software agency. We collaborate with partners who share our goals and vision, seeking long-term partnerships that elevate the entire ecosystem.

Can I work remotely for Lambda?
For the type of work we do we think remote work is not particularly useful.

What is Lambda's methodology with partners?
At Lambda, we do not work on an hourly basis or engage in staff augmentation. Instead, we establish shared goals with our partners and work independently, employing our methodology and mantra to achieve results.

What does it means that Lambda works independently?
It's simple. When you work with Lambda or enter into a partnership with us, you are not just hiring developers; you are partnering with another company. We ensure fluid communication and accountability for our work, but we will do it our way. We know how to do it.

Where can I see what you are up to?
Our learning and expertise is reflected on our We regularly publish our experiences and projects.