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Just code.
No bullshit.

Problem solving is our mantra.

LambdaClass is a venture studio that works on difficult problems related to distributed systems, ML, compilers and cryptography.
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1:Data engineering

Today's systems are distributed systems, they process millions of requests and produce terabytes of data. Handling all that requires the right tools and the right expertise. We design, develop and operate data-intensive applications on our daily basis.

2:Data science

What to do with all that data? Collect and analyze large amounts of data with a purpose, obtain valuable information and make wise decisions.

3:Cyber security

As with many areas of computer engineering, security has come into maturity and can no longer be an afterthought in any project. Protect your computer systems and networks from any kind of disruption.

4:Product development

Product development is about learning what matters. The best insight comes from users, so we work together with our clients to get to production as fast as possible. Iterate, adapt and learn.


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Rust is an excellent complement to our core tech stack, providing safety guarantees and performance at other levels of system design.
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Languages built on the BEAM allows us to build systems with excellent reliability and behaviors guarantees under stress, and to quickly make the most out of modern hardware.
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Languages built on the BEAM allows us to build systems with excellent reliability and behaviors guarantees under stress, and to quickly make the most out of modern hardware.
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While we love Python for the comfort and broadness it provides, Julia has proven to be it's cousin specialized in data processing, and is growing up fast to be contender in this space. We use Julia to get the best of both worlds.
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Python is the best glue to stitch together the tapestry of computation we rely on, being a mature, general-purpose language with excellent support for any imaginable undertaking.




Cairo-rs is a newer, faster and safer implementation of the Cairo VM, the virtual machine for the Cairo language. It also has more expressive typing.




Libtorrent-rs is a BitTorrent library written in Rust. It provides a high-level and safe API to interact with BitTorrent protocol. The library aims to be fully compatible with the original libtorrent C++ library and is actively maintained and updated. It can be used to build various BitTorrent clients, such as standalone applications and can be integrated into other Rust projects to add BitTorrent functionality. We are working on updating the library to support the latest version of the BitTorrent protocol, version 2.




Lambdaworks is a Rust library that implements SNARKs and other common cryptographic operations




Reth is a modular, performant and user-friendly Ethereum full-node implementation written in Rust. Built and owned by Paradigm, it's now open-sourced and we're one of the teams actively contributing to it.


Merkle Patricia Tree


Merkle Patricia Tree is an implementation of a modified version of Ethereum’s Modified Merkle Patricia Trie (trie) data structure. It’s a key component in blockchain technology and we’re actively working on it. Its performance keeps improving and we are now testing it against known libraries in the ecosystem.

We are a collective of passionate engineers with a strong focus on technical profiles. We specialize in solving advanced technical challenges for companies that are scaling up and innovating.
We constantly research new technologies that expand the boundaries of possibility for our clients. We post about our latest interests in our blog, and we stay in touch with the community by organizing monthly meetups and our annual conference the Buzzconf.

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